After reviewing data on the more than 750 apps integrated with Zapier, two growth rates emerged that will be valuable to anyone considering a new app for their business software stack in 2017:

  • Fastest-Growing Apps – The services with the greatest growth rate or increase in users this year on the platform. We looked at the apps that have been on Zapier for more than a year and had a sizable user base with live Zapier integrations (at least 300 users) on January 1, 2016
  • Fastest-Growing New Apps and APIs – The services with greatest growth rate based on daily user growth on the platform. We looked at apps that either first launched or released their API (the technology used to integrate apps) on Zapier in late 2015. This way, an app or API that launched mid-year could still make the list.

Data was collected from January to October 2016.

Of the 750 web apps connected to workflow automation tool Zapier, these 10 apps gained the most users


Acuity Scheduling:
HubSpot CRM:
Agile CRM:
Google Sheets:
Office 365: