What We Do

We Create Results-Driven Killer New Media! KNM is a studio of designers, developers, and marketers who use design, communication, and web technology to balance your customer needs and business goals! We collaborate with ambitious clients who want to bring powerful ideas to life and push the digital envelope.

Web Design and Development

Your website may be the first thing a customer see, so first impressions matter when it comes to your website. When designing and developing a website, we consider everything! We use a rigorous checklist to make sure we touch on everything to make the user experience impeccable for your visitors. Then we also take into account your customer needs and business goals. Next we leverage all these things with design, information architecture, and technology.

We look to create great experiences that are intuitive, user friendly and effective. In doing so we deliver websites that help make brands meaningful, successful and profitable.

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Web, Design, & Marketing Maintenance Services

Updating your website is a breeze with our website maintenance plans. All you have to do is email us what you want changed, and our developers will take care of the rest. However, it doesn’t stop there; we also include design, marketing, and social media services included in our monthly maintenance service. So, if you need help designing a newsletter, creating a graphic for your Facebook cover, adding a new page to your website, or simply need help setting up your Yelp account, we can take care of that for you. With our monthly maintenance plan you are allocated a number of hours to take care all these type of task.

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Email Marketing

What newsletters do you subscribe too? We all subscribe to email newsletters for discounts, best deals, announcements, stories, latest information or for whatever reason because it is super easy while we check our emails daily. If you are not taking advantage of this medium than you are losing out on your overall business. E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.

Most business owners don’t have time or knowledge of how to design & code an engaging marketing email. Which is why we do it for you each month! We work with you each month on promoting your business through beautiful crafted emails that match your brand.

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Managed Web Hosting

No-Stress WordPress Website Hosting! We’ll handle all the technical aspects of your site including hosting, backups, WordPress updates, security patches, plugin updates, and more. If you don’t update your WordPress website, it will get hacked, broken, or spammed! It is just a matter of time. WordPress is consistently updating its software to prevent these types of attacks but if your website is not updated regularly, you are left venerable. Large framework updated can sometimes break your website if not done correctly and backed up. We are the WordPress hosting experts who make sure these types of things don’t happen. We take security precautions, back up your website daily, and handle any issues that may arise on the server side. We are your Server Admins!

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Design & Communications

KNM can help you create vivid illustrations and graphics for a website, application, or print. We can tailor custom graphics to your style and brand. Our graphic design service ranges from simple promotional brochures to highway printed billboards and everything in between. We can work on a project bases or hourly depending on your needs. Regardless how small or large the project, we are up to the challenge.

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Social Media Marketing

Most business owners simply don’t have time to manage all their social media or know how to take advantage of the tools available. Effective management of your social profiles takes time and experience. It enables you to interact with your existing client base (converting them from customers to brand ambassadors) and create opportunities that drive additional traffic. We look to gain an insight into your customers’ desires, behaviors and how they perceive your brand. From here we create content that gets your audience talking and looking at your brand.

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